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Founded in 1992, GNN Bloomington Law Firm is dedicated to serving clients effectively, often resulting in untraditional solutions. Our diverse client base needs serious, sound legal representation in all litigious areas, ranging from physical injury to business disputes.

Our firm employs exemplary trial attorneys with decades of collective experience. Each attorney is Board Certified in their specialized field. With a large number of cases won or lost on appeal, we even have attorneys on staff who are Board Certified in Civil Appellate Law by the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification.

Our varied experiences include cases involving business fraud, toxic exposure, personal injuries, pharmaceutical liability, and asbestos exposure, among others. In addition, we are noted for our work defending some of the country's largest companies. Our attorneys recently helped a Fortune 500 company overturn a $2 billion default judgment.

Although our landmark victories are GNN Bloomington's trademark, our primary focus, however, remains to provide the highest level of legal care to enrich our clients' lives or businesses. Fulfilling this vision begins with our initial consultation where our attorneys will review the ins and outs of the client's legal program, and explain what can be expected throughout the litigation process.

Our attorneys are standing by, ready to assist clients in any way possible.

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At GNN Bloomington we are always on a look out for experienced law officers.

Date posted: July 2013

Attorney Vacancy

We are seeking applications for an attorney who is willing to accept an unpaid temporary position that offers a valuable opportunity to gain exposure to the office while also obtaining litigation experience.

What We Do

GNN Bloomington attorneys are dedicated to serving our clients, no matter the size of their problems. Our attorneys bring in a range of certifications and expertise, allowing us to represent our clients in many different areas.

Environmental Law

Whether you've been exposed to asbestos or you are using contaminated water, there are certain rights you have regarding air and water pollution, as well as hazardous waste cleanup. GNN Bloomington attorneys can help you live a healthier life.

Bankruptcy and Debtor/Creditor Law

Our attorneys are familiar with all aspects of bankruptcy cases, including fraudulent transfers, pre-bankruptcy negotiations, and investigations and litigation of preferences. We focus primarily on defending creditors' rights within the framework of bankruptcy.

Family Law

We are ready to help our clients with family disputes. Our attorneys have experience with paternity cases, as well as guardianship, divorce, and CPS cases. In particular, we focus our efforts on making sure children are well taken care of and are in the care of the right people in their lives.

Appellate Advocacy

At GNN Bloomington, we specialize in appellate matters. Whether a client has lost a case in state or federal court, we are able to professionally help them in a timely manner. There are strict requirements on the form and timing of an appeal.

General Civil Litigation

At GNN Bloomington, we are well equipped to represent our clients in general civil litigation, specializing in employment-related services. These include wrongful termination, sexual harassment, wage claims, employment contracts, as well as assisting clients in resolving employee-employer conflicts

Corporate Elder Law

In addition to serving very young clients in family law, we also specialize in representing elderly. Our attorneys are versed in representing cases involving estates, wills, powers of attorney, and trusts. We support our clients in drawing up their contracts, as well as making sure they are interpreted and enacted on appropriately.


Our clients range from individuals needing legal support to large corporations seeking representation and counseling. Some of our clients need help drawing up legal contracts, whereas others need our support in a court of law. Regardless of who our clients are and why they need representation, we strive to personalize our services to fit their needs.


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